Why have an entry in the Book?

The Book of Remembrance provides a beautiful and lasting memorial to those who have been cremated at Taunton Deane Crematorium. The book consists of eight volumes, one for each quarter of the year and displayed in the Book of Remembrance Room.

The pages are turned daily to reflect the current date, so that a lasting record appears at each anniversary date according to the date chosen. The date under which the entry appears is normally the date of death. However, any date may be chosen like a birthday or wedding anniversary.

Each inscription can consist of up to eight lines, with the minimum being a two line entry.

Inscriptions can be illuminated by an emblem/motif of your choice, for example a coat of arms, military, club or society badge, a spray of flowers or a bird. If you would like a special motif, please include a detailed drawing or photo the studio can work from. Please talk through the choices available with the Crematorium staff.

During office hours, a member of staff can turn the pages to a different date on request. You will always be able to view your inscription a month before or after the anniversary date you have requested, but, to avoid disappointment at other times, it is advisable to check with the office before visiting the Crematorium.

The Book of Remembrance is intended as a permanent memorial to the deceased. For every day of the year there is a separate page, at the head of which the day and the month are inscribed.

Your inscription will be on display in the Book of Remembrance Room on the date that you request in your application.

The Book of Remembrance can be viewed online at https://taunton.bookofremembrance.uk

Viewing the Book

Access to the Book of Remembrance room is provided 365 days of the year. Please check the Contact page for the hours open.

If you visit on a day other than the anniversary that you have chosen, you will need to ask for a member of staff to assist you. Someone is always available to help you on weekdays.

PLEASE NOTE THAT THERE ARE TIMES WHEN YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO VIEW YOUR INSCRIPTION: This is because the books are taken off the premises for the purpose of book scanning.


1st April 2020 to 31st March 2021

Book of Remembrance – Two line inscription£71
Book of Remembrance – Five line inscription£92
Book of Remembrance – Five line inscription with flower£158
Book of Remembrance – Five line inscription with motif, badge, coat of arms etc.£181
Book of Remembrance – Eight line inscription£130
Book of Remembrance – Eight line inscription with flower£196
Book of Remembrance – Eight line inscription with motif, badge, coat of arms etc.£219

Order process

Online Order

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Offline Order

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